European ASP.NET 1.1 SSD Hosting

Recommended European ASP.NET 1 hosting with unlimited space and bandwidth still supports ASP.NET 1.1 hosting on our Windows Server 2008 and this service is available to all our new and existing customers. You can simply deploy your ASP.NET 1.1 website via our world-class Control Panel or conventional FTP tool. This ASP.NET 1.1 framework is part of the service and it is provided free of charge

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Our Special €3.49/month Deal European ASP.NET 1.1 Hosting is Microsoft No #1 Recommended Windows and ASP.NET Hosting in European Continent. Our service is ranked the highest top #1 spot in several European countries, such as: Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and many top European countries. Click here for more information

What is European ASP.NET 1.1 Hosting?

ASP.NET was first released in February 2002, by Microsoft Corporation, and since then it has enjoyed broad use and adoption.

ASP.NET version 1 was released in February 2002. It is a programming framework that is used to build and deploy Web applications. Microsoft Visual Studio environment integrates all the necessary tools and framework, including ASP.NET, needed to do web as well as applicationdevelopment.

Why Choose for ASP.NET 1.1 Hosting?

  • Reliability guarantees the highest quality product, top security, and unshakeable reliability. We carefully chose high-quality servers, networking, and infrastructure equipment to ensure the utmost reliability.

  • Award Winning Support

    We hired an army of the best technicians, managers & web hosting gurus. That means clear, professional support, fast. Our team are standing by to respond to your queries around the clock, big or small, and we’ll be there for you - 24x7, 365 days a year.

  • World Class Data Center currently operates data center located in Amsterdam (NL), London (UK), Seattle (US), Paris (FR) and Frankfurt (DE). All our data center offers complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security.

  • Excellent Uptime Rate

    We never ever happy to see your site goes down and we truly understand that it will hurt your onlines business. If your service is down, it will certainly become our pain and we will certainly look for the right pill to kill the pain ASAP.

  • Best Technology

    We have included ASP.NET framework support on all our hosting plan. ASP.NET website is 100% compatible with IIS web server. You can mix your website with different languages regardless of ASP, ASP.NET, PHP or even CGI. All in one hosting plan.

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

    Our top priority to deliver the ultimate customer experience, and we strongly believe that you’ll love our service - so much so that if for any reason you’re unhappy in your first 30 days as a customer, you’re more than welcome to request your money back.

Still Not Convinced with our ASP.NET 1.1 Hosting? Check Out Our Free Hosting for ASP.NET 1.1

Try our Free ASP.NET 1.1 Hosting today and your account will be setup soon! You can also take advantage of our Windows & ASP.NET Hosting support with Unlimited Domain, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Disk Space, etc. You will not be charged a cent for trying our service for the next 3 days. Once your trial period is complete, you decide whether you'd like to continue.

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